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We live for that feeling.
The feeling of being out in the bush.
The feeling of you’re pushing yourself, achievement and riding rad trails.
The feeling of having good times with your mates.
It’s what mountain biking is all about.
We call it stoke.

We’re the first to admit that mountain biking is a lot more than what you’re riding. It’s easy to get sidetracked by the newest, the slackest or the lightest. When it comes down to it, none of that matters if you’re out there having a good time. But when it is time to look for a new mountain bike, or perhaps learn more about your current bike, Mountain Bike Database gives you all the info you need.


MTB Database makes finding mountain bike info easy by giving you the tools to find, explore and compare the world’s best Mountain Bikes. Gone are the days of having 1,000’s of tabs open, comparing bikes on each manufacturer’s website, looking up reviews and specs for each and then trying to check prices for each one. We bring all of this data into a single place, making discovering and comparing mountain bikes a breeze. Not only can you view and compare info on components such as forks, shocks, brakes and the drivetrains of thousands of mountain bikes, but you can also view reviews, prices and images.


Choosing a new mountain bike is a big decision, so it’s important to make the right one. Our comparison tools help you make sure you have the info to find your perfect mountain bike. Not only will comparing MTBs save you money, but you’ll also find the bike most suitable to you, your riding style and your budget. Plus, when you do hit the Buy Now button, you’ll have the confidence you’re choosing the perfect bike for you.